RZR XP Turbo Clutch Kit

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Clutch puller

This is our combo for the RZR XPT clutch setup.  We use flyweights that have the same profile as stock and reuse the stock primary spring so we don't loose that nice, firm engagement quality that a lot of the kits on the market do.  No high engagements which is horrible for part throttle riding in technical situations.

In the secondary, we use a higher tension spring.  2 rates available depending on tire size, HP and riding style. The stock secondary spring is very soft, which is great for stock tires at stock HP.  What happens when you go to a larger tire or add HP you begin to slip the belt in the secondary as it approaches full shift.

Helix's are in the works, will update when those are available too.  For guys who want more options for their secondary we use the STM secondary.

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